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Bedroom comforter sets queen – A child’s quilt is an insulating blanket. It is used to keep your child warm, and sometimes as a soft pad on the mattress. Before choosing one, it is useful to understand the quilt and variety characteristics. As in quilts, quilts are divided into sections. Unlike duvets, however, a quilt is not layered. It is made with a shell and filled. The shell is made of a solid fabric stitched into compartments; those compartments contain stuffing material of the quilt, which increases the insulation. Quilts are generally sized slightly larger than the dimensions of the standard bed surface so that they can rest on beds with a small amount of draping over the edges.

Bedroom comforter sets queen fabrics and filling materials are a concern for parents and children. The various fabrics provide multiple degrees of comfort in contact with the skin. Various filler materials have different characteristics in terms of insulation, safety and the potential to trigger allergies. Cotton is the most common shell material, followed by polyester. Silk is very comfortable, but more expensive. The fillings are wool, shredded silk, battered polyester, hemp cloth and small feathers called down.

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Health and safety are of utmost importance when selecting children’s bedding. Wool and down fillings are allergens for some children. Children with a history of allergies or asthma are probably better served with synthetic filler. Hemp cloth shells have also been associated with allergic reactions. Volume by weight of the filler material is called the loft of the material.

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