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April 16, 2019 Bedroom Vanity

Chic Look Vanity Ideas for Small Bedroom

Vanity ideas for small bedroom – Skip the traditional vanity and try something new with coffee table books, flower vases or other glam trinkets.  Set the pedal to metal when it comes to arranging your brushes and beauty tools. This aluminum vase project is super easy to make; plus, the extra perforation gives it an industrial chic look that works in virtually any room. Use straw dispenser holder: They are not just for the kitchen anymore! Now you can access your favorite brushes with just a single pull on the lid.

DIY copper pipe brush display: Beauty gurus and DIY lovers both love this copper project for some much needed (and stylish!) Storage. Just make sure you add extra tubes to make sure you get enough space to display your full screen. DIY Copper Carrier: Turn copper tumblers from your craft store into a glam wall piece. This screen is quite enough for the bathroom, bedroom or anywhere where a last-minute lipstick program is required.

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If your decor already has minimalist vibes, choose this cotton case container filled with your favorite shine. The best part is that it looks super glamor while still functioning as a functional storage location. Looking for more ways to create your makeup organization? Check our gallery below!

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