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April 26, 2019 Bedroom Bench

How to Make Tufted Bedroom Bench

Tufted Bedroom Bench – A bench is a decorative convenience that can function as an extra seat in your bedroom. Make tufted bedroom bench with fabric that coordinates with the overall design of the room. A bedroom bench accent is most often used at the end of the bed. But does not have to extend the width of the bed. They have the cut wood tailored for you when you buy to save time and the dirty work of cutting yourself.

Measure and mark the board 2 inches every 3 inches along the length and width. The marks are where the seat will be tufted; adjust the measurements if you prefer a different space between each strand. Cover each hole on the stained side of the seat bench with a strip of adhesive tape. Cut a section of upholstery foam to fit the top of the bench seat.

Cut a section of cloth and wadding to fit the top, sides and 4 inches of the bottom of the bench seat. Wrap the wadding over the top of the seat and secure it to the bottom with a staple gun. Wrap the fabric over the wadding and fix it in the same way. Screw the upholstery needle and insert through one of the holes in the seat bench, the ribbon through the fabric. Fit the 1/4 inch wood board on the bench seat, on the duct tape and knotted threads, with screws. Fit the four decorative legs to each corner of the bedroom bench with screws and a small support L.

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