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April 18, 2019 King Size Bedroom

New King Size Bedroom Sets For Sale

A bedroom makeover or new bed purchase often means it’s time for a new headboard. A headboard king size bedroom sets for sale can mean a king-sized price. Rather than shelling out more money than you want, or settling for a mall that doesn’t fit the bedroom, you can make your own headboard by repurposing cheap items. Creating headboards means that you can tailor it to your taste, as if a designer made it special for your home.

An old wooden door, or more, serves as a headboard for a king size bed and can be wall mounted as it is, or attached to the bed frame with the addition of a pair of trays at the back. An old weathered door, sanded to remove loose paint, has a natural uneasy appearance. Paint multiple doors, each with a different color, for a high headboard, with each door mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferences.

Add plug-in wall sconces to headboard at each end for reading lights. A large table top, like from a dining table or coffee table, converts to a headboard in much the same way. If you are installing doors or table tops on the wall, secure the head plate directly to the tabs, or use strong wall anchors designed for heavy objects.

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